Monday, April 26, 2010

Drapery at its finest.

Archaistic Kore
1st century BC- 1st century AD

This wonderful sculpture is part of an exhibition held at the National Gallery of Victoria titled "Drape: classical mode to contemporary dress". It represents a hellenistic female form in a tubular draped form of dress.

The exhibition, curated by Paola Di Trocchio, considers drapery in two ways- the clinging drape, as seen in the Kore and elevated drape popularised by crinolines and bustles.

"Clinging drape relies on direct interaction between body and cloth, as in classical sculpture; while elevated drape shows drape theatrically animated away from the body, such as the festooning of fabric over crinolines and bustles". NGV What's On p18 MAR-APR 10
To think the sublime form has been rendered in carving from marble is to realise the skills of the ancient artisans.
Photograph taken by mrsmatthews-artteacher.

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